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Destination: Destiny!
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HL: Reflecting on one's behavior
It was quiet outside. The soft chill of the winter still graced Akio's scales, despite the passage of time, it persisted throughout spring.
The ghost of his breath has long since gone, showing no evidence that he was breathing. It was cold, but not cold enough to justify its presence.
There was a lingering voice that persisted in the back of his mind--talking about his negligence toward bettering the relations of land-walkers and merfolk, but a persistent sting in his consciousness remained. How could he improve the relations between merfolk and landfolk if there are no more landdwellers to save?
This obsession has clouded his judgement--the need to constantly patrol the islands by sea. He didn't want to see any hostile pokemon get too close to the shores, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if anything happened.
When he wasn't patrolling he was training, and when he wasn't training himself, he was training his pets to ensure that they can properly take care of themselves, an
:iconinvadercristi:InvaderCristi 2 1
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[PKMN-A] Mini Event: Local man regrets everything
Well, day one is coming to a close, and Mortem was still double checking his decision on going for the experiment. It could very-well have terrible side effects as far as he knows--at least, beyond the initial one--even if he was going to get a lot of buck for his bang.
Plus, it could get in the way with his fights, that's pretty much his main concern right now, he's still new and he doesn't want to screw up his already mostly-crippled reputation. The only other thing that has been really plaguing his mind was the fact that he just felt really really itchy.
To his chagrin, his skin felt more fragile for some reason, although there was no visible difference for it---yet. His hair on the other hand, seemed to be defying gravity more-so than usual, and was even starting to look faintly transparent.
In a moment of frustration, he tried to pull it down into place, before turning away---only for it to not exactly move 'with him' and just float around aimlessly once more.
:iconinvadercristi:InvaderCristi 2 0
Sky Explorers Picnic Event: Mission 1 and 2 SB-GP
T'was your average day in... .. No it wasn't average at all.
Mortadella was causing a ruckus, there were brine crab everywhere, it was incredibly inconvenient. So the two siblings decided to make a collaborative plan on how to kill multiple birds with... well, two stones.
Step 1. Sufficiently distract Mortadella.
This task was simple enough, all Ghost Pepper had to do was show up, lean against her Cauldron, give her his best winner's smile before giving her a light, salute-like wave, "Hey there again, Witchy, how've you been? We've got aAages to catch up on, after-all---"
"No." Mortadella said firmly, slapping a hand over his mouth, "If you say another word then I, The GREAT AND..." She trailed off for a moment as she noticed that Ghost Pepper was mimicking her body movements--particularly the 'great and powerful ones', "CUT THAT OUT! THE GREA-- STOP! CEASE AND DESIST YOU FIEND!"
Ghost Pepper at this point was laughing behind her hand, but he continued mimicking her, speaking
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SE: Ghost Pepper by InvaderCristi
AKA this dork.
Tagged by RandomComicSheet

1. What had originally started his entire heroic personality stemmed from his need to impress his little sister(who loved heroes at the time). However, By the time she grew out of it, he was 'stuck'.

2. He actually isn't all that brave at all, most fights he enters he is terrified, but he finds courage through others. So the moment people lose faith in him, he crumbles.

3. The scars on his lip and eye came from his first serious fight with a Culebratu. His little sister sneaked her way into dangerous territory, and he had to save her, but he didn't get out unscathed.

4. He is actually terrified with the concept of romance--or rather, by people discovering his dorky interior, however, through romance that is much more likely in his eyes. That, and he has absolutely no romantic experience.

5. Despite his original intentions to save and protect his sister--she is actually the one saving him most of the time.

6. When he's alone he's surprisingly calm, and controlled. That being said, these are also the times where he is the most somber.

7. Is secretly anxious that people will abandon him should they find out about his other side.

8. Regardless of whether or not you're a stranger, villain, or otherwise, he is willing to lay his life down to save anyone and everyone he can, even if they might have tried to kill him in the past, or even currently are trying to kill him. That being said, he genuinely believes that anyone can be good. So if a giant nasty monster decides to suddenly turn a new leaf he'd be the first to welcome it to the community.

Bonus: GP was the first fully-animal character of mine that I've ever created and drawn.

Bonus 2: His little sister's name is Cosmic Brownie

I aint taggin' anybody. Do it if you want to.


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